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1.1      Please read these general terms and conditions before using ACEWIN (hereinafter referred to as "Website"). By using or accessing any section of the website you              agree to be legally bound by all the following terms and conditions(herein after collectively referred to as the "Terms"):

 1.General terms and conditions displayed on this page

 2.Privacy policy

 3.Specific terms of advertising campaigns, bonuses, and special promotions offered on our website

 4.Rules of particular games offered on our website which may be accessed through such games.

 5.Other terms and conditions that you may accept to use certain sections and services available on our website.


1.2      IN case of any discrepancy in terms of advertising campaigns, bonuses, and special promotions shall take precedence over the other terms


1.3      If you do not agree to accept and abide by all of the terms, you may not open an account or use any of the services offered through our

           website. Further use of the website will indicate your acceptance of the terms.  


1.4      Unless otherwise defined, all references in the terms "we", "us", "our", and "company" refer to the company operating website, while references to

          "customer", "you", and "you're" refer to the person using our website and accepting the TERMS 


1.5       The binding version of the terms is the English version. All translations are provided for your convenience only, IN the event of a discrepancy

            between the English version of the terms and any other language version, The English version shall prevail. By accepting the terms, you warrant 

            that your knowledge of the English language is sufficient to fully understand the terms.


1.6        The company offers access to games only through a protected network using technology for encrypting sensitive data




2.1       You may use the website's services only if you have reached the legal age under the law applicable to you and are at least 18 years of age. By accepting the terms,                you warrant that you comply with the above age restrictions and you must immediately leave the website if you have not yet reached the age of 18


2.2       The company does not provide any assurance or warranties about the legality of your use of the website, particularly in case gambling is prohibited, regulated, or                    unregulated in your jurisdiction. It is solely your responsibility to know the laws of your country concerning online gambling and the use of the website, at all times.                Before attempting to open an account with the website and thereafter each time before using it you must verify whether online gambling is legal in your particular                  jurisdiction. By using this website, you warrant that you are legally allowed to gamble online. If at any time online gambling in your jurisdiction becomes restricted or              illegal, you must immediately close your account with the website and stop using its services




3.1       To use the full functionality of our website you must open a personal account with the website


3.2        Your account with the website must be registered in your own, correct name. Only one account per person, per household, address, phone         

            number, email, and IP address is allowed. Any other accounts that are opened on the website will be considered "Duplicate Accounts".

            You must not attempt to open a Duplicate account, including by providing false or alternative credentials. If you open or attempt to open any

            number of duplicate accounts, we reserve the right to close some or all of your accounts without any compensation and apply the following  


a) each account performed using a Duplicate Account is considered as void

b) any promotions that Duplicate Account has participated in will be canceled;

c) any winning obtained on the Duplicate Account will be void. Any processed withdrawals will be reversed and will be owed back to the company;

d) The duplicate Account will be closed without any option to re-open it.


3.3        You must keep your login/username and password confidential and not disclose this information to third parties. You are solely responsible for

            any kind of action and/or transaction that is made using your account. Any party that enters your account using the correct login and password

            will be considered as you and any transactions will be considered as valid and made by you. We shall not be liable or responsible for third

            parties accessing your account or for any losses connected with the unauthorized use of your account; all such unauthorized use will be 

            considered your use.


3.4        You must not sell or transfer your account to any other person and you must not buy or acquire accounts of other persons. You agree that any

            attempt to do so shall be null and void and shall constitute a breach of these General Terms and Conditions. This restriction includes, however,

            is not limited to, a full prohibition on the transfer of any assets of the value of any kind, such as, but not limited to, ownership of

            accounts, winnings,   deposits, bets, rights, and/or claims in connection with these assets, legal, commercial or otherwise. The prohibition of

            the said transfers includes, however, is not limited to, the encumbrance, pledging, assigning, usufruct, trading, brokering, hypothecation, and/or

            gifting in cooperation with a fiduciary or any other third party, company, natural or legal individual, foundation and/or association in any

            way shape or form.


3.5         It is forbidden to use the login and password of any other person to access the Website.



3.6        You must maintain your account details up-to-date. You must immediately let us know of any changes in your registration data.


3.7         Closure of your account: you may close your account at any time by contacting customer service, however the below conditions apply:


  • You can only close your account if it has no remaining balance (positive or negative) and no pending withdrawal requests.
  • In case you want to close your account with a positive balance or/and pending withdrawal requests, all the funds on your account will be voided and you will be returned the last deposit amount.


3.8        Self-exclusion request: you can contact customer service via e-mail: at, and we will assist you in closing your account.

            Furthermore, it is your responsibility to notify the Company of any other accounts you may have with us and to refrain from opening any new

            accounts. The Company will make reasonable efforts to prevent the opening of new accounts but it's ultimately your sole responsibility to make

            sure no other accounts are opened. The Company shall not be liable for potential losses on other accounts. We are not liable for any losses or

            damages which could be potentially caused by gambling.


3.9         We reserve the right to deny the opening of an account or close an existing account without prior notice or justification.




4.1         By opening an account on our Website and by using our Website you warrant that:


  • you are acting on your behalf;
  • you are a competent and law-abiding citizen;
  • you do not have a gambling addiction, you don't use the Website under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances;
  • all data and information that you have provided when registering at our Website is true and real and you will continue updating this information in case of any changes;
  • you fully understand and accept the fact that there is a possibility of monetary loss while using our services;
  • you are not using monetary funds that you have received in an illegal way or from illegal sources;
  • you have not entered into collusion and will not attempt to collude directly or indirectly with another customer of the Website;
  • the credit/debit card or any other payment method that you use to top up your account balance belongs to you, is not stolen, and has not been lost by another person. The company reserves the right to close your account and void any winnings in case of a reasonable suspicion that you have violated this warranty.


4.2        By opening an account on this Website, you warrant that you have never previously registered another account or received any money through an

           account belonging to any other person.


4.3        By opening an account on this Website, you warrant that you have provided us with true and complete information as requested in the registration





5.1        You must provide us with all information that we may request to manage your account, verify your identity, or the source of the funds

           deposited to your account. This includes (but is not limited to) properly certified ID, proof of residence, proof of ownership, and transaction

           histories of the payment methods used, including bank or credit/debit card statements, etc.


5.2        We may, at our sole and absolute discretion, use any additional procedures and means we may deem fit to verify your identity, age, residence and

           other circumstances (KYC), both before and after effecting deposits into your account and/or making a withdrawal.


5.3        You must provide these documents and information within 30 (thirty) days after the request is made. We reserve the right to withhold payment

           and/or suspend your account until you provide the documents and information we requested, and to permanently close your account if you fail to do

           so in time. We will usually verify your documents and information within Ten (10) days after our request is answered in full, however, depending

           on the circumstances and complexity of a given case, additional time and/or checks may be required to complete verification.


5.4        We may use a recognized third-party provider to undertake the Checks on our behalf, including authorized credit reference agencies, identity

           verification services, and/or fraud prevention software. Personal details may be provided to such third parties following our Privacy




5.5        By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree that we are entitled to carry out additional security checks to verify account information and

           activity in line with applicable regulations and our security and anti-fraud procedures, by carrying out verification via calls/phone, face

           verification or other such verification as is required to ensure that you are who you say you are.





6.1       When you open an account on the Website you agree that the financial operations connected to your account will be processed directly by the

          Company, an operator of a payment system, and/or a third party designated by the Company to perform this activity.


6.2       Depositing or withdrawing funds is facilitated through the payment system of your choice (among those available on the Website from time to time).

          Wherever possible, withdrawals are processed using the same payment method used to fund the account. You shall use the payment system services

          available on the Website by the rules of use imposed by the respective providers of such services.


6.3       The account balance is not a bank balance and therefore cannot be subject to insurance, asset-backing, or guarantees of any other kind. A deposit

          or an active balance does not earn any interest.


6.4       By making a deposit, you permit the Company to debit from your balance any fines or dues in connection to your activity, as provided

          by the Terms or the applicable law. You also agree to avoid charging back the deposited funds, annulling the deposits and agree to compensate the

          Company for the costs associated with the chargebacks and recalls.


6.5       The Company reserves the right to define the minimum and maximum sums of the deposit to the account at its discretion.





7.1        You acknowledge and agree that the Company generally offers no refunds of the funds deposited to your account.

           However, we may consider a refund in exceptional circumstances, including technical problems with our Website or

           the payment instruments.


7.2        No refund can be performed after the deposit in question (or the associated bonus) has been used to place a bet.


7.3        To be considered for a refund, you must contact our customer support within 24 (twenty- four) hours of the

           transaction in question. We will endeavor to respond to your request within Ten (10) business days. For the avoidance

           of doubt, all refunds are always at our sole and absolute discretion.


7.4        We reserve the right to withhold any refund or reverse transaction until the identity of the Player Account User is

           adequately established to our satisfaction. You agree to provide, in case We demand, your Identity Document

          (Passport, Driving Licence, Identity Card) and any Proof of Address you may provide (Utility Bill, Bank Statement,

           Rental Agreement etc.), also, Verification of your Payment Method Ownership may be required. If such documentation

           is not provided within thirty (30) days of our request, then such refund or reverse transaction shall not be affected,

           Your Player Account shall be closed and You shall forfeit all funds in Your Player Account, such decision shall be final,

           binding, and not subject to appeal.



7.5        If you were funding your account with a Credit Card we reserve the right to pay all withdrawal requests up to the total

           amount deposited as refunds against the purchases you have made.


7.6        If any credit card purchases are considered to carry an unacceptable risk for security or legal reasons either by our

           credit card processors or by our KYC Department, the Casino will initiate refunds for all such transactions back to the

           credit card, and notify all the appropriate authorities and parties.


7.7        In all cases when we perform a refund, all bonuses and winnings in your balance will be deducted before calculating

           the amount to be refunded.





8.1        From time to time we may offer promotional incentives to our customers, such as bonus funds, free spins, loyalty

           points and/or other special offers (referred to in these General Terms and Conditions as “bonuses” or “promotions”).

           Some promotions require you to make a deposit (the “associated deposit”) of a defined minimum amount to

           be eligible for the same. You understand and agree that such promotions have their terms and conditions, in

           addition to these General Terms and Conditions. These are listed in the relevant sections of the Website. In case

           issues arise about the conditions of these promotions, bonuses, and special offers, the relevant terms and conditions

           of the promotion in question will prevail over these General Terms and Conditions.


8.2        Any bonus offer is limited to one per person, family, household address, telephone number, personal or shared

           computer (e.g. school, public library, or workplace) and personal or shared IP address.


8.3        We reserve the right to deny a bonus to any customer, reject bonuses of any kind, cancel participation in any

           promotion, as well as permanently or temporarily ban any customer or a group of customers from the promotion

           program of the Website at our sole and absolute discretion. In the event of any dispute regarding our promotions

           (including, without limitation, eligibility, use, abuse, fair play, calculation of winnings and wagering requirements)

           The company’s decision shall be final and non-negotiable.


8.4        Residents of any of the Excluded Jurisdictions are not permitted to register or take advantage of any promotion.


8.5        All our bonuses have a wagering requirement, meaning you must bet a certain amount before you can withdraw your

           winnings. This requirement is expressed as a multiplier applicable to the bonus amount, the bonus amount, and the

           associated deposit amount, or the amount of winnings derived from such promotion (depending on the terms of the

           promotion in question). By way of example, a wagering requirement of x5 (five) means that you must bet the

           equivalent of five times the respective amount. Wagering requirements applicable to each promotion are listed in the

           relevant sections of the Website dedicated to such promotion, and in the Terms.


8.6        Different games contribute a different percentage towards the wagering requirements:


8.7        You will first wager your Real Money Balance. Once the Real Money Balance is fully wagered, you will start wagering

           your Bonus Balance.


8.8      The Wagering requirement has to be met within Ten (10) days for casino bonuses and 30 (thirty) days for sports bonuses

           after the bonus is received. Once this period has expired, the available bonus and any winnings derived therefrom will

           be voided.


8.9        Customers attempting to withdraw funds before the wagering requirements are met will have their bonus balance and

           all winnings derived therefrom voided.


8.10       Once the full wagering requirement is met, the respective bonus funds and any derived winnings will be released in

           the real money wallet and will be available to withdraw according to our withdrawal rules.


8.11        All withdrawals made will be subject to audit and gameplay review, as well as an account verification process.


8.12        Our bonuses are intended for entertainment purposes only. If the bonus or deposit is not used as intended (for

            casual betting and playing), we will deem such actions a violation of the Terms.


8.13        It is strictly prohibited to engage in any promotion abuse. This includes, but is not limited to:

            any minimum risk strategies, for example, low-risk roulette bet (any bet spread combination on roulette games

            covering 24 (twenty-four) or more of the 37 (thirty-seven) unique spots on the table);

            placing individual bet amounts greater than or equivalent to the deposit amount currency before the wagering is met;

            moving from low-weighted or un-weighted games (in the context of contribution to wagering requirements) to high

            weighted game after large wins to clear wagering requirements;

            from high-risk betting to low-risk betting after a big win, to clear wagering requirements;

            two-tier betting;

            playing games with an active bonus to build up value, converting the bonus, and then cashing out the accumulated value

            afterward – for example by starting and delaying a game round, bonus feature, and completing this after meeting the bonus

            wagering requirements, losing a bonus or with a subsequent deposit;

            other strategies, taking advantage of any software, bug, or failure, or participating in any form of activity that we, in our sole

            and absolute discretion is deemed to be abusive.


8.14        If you engage in any promotion abuse, fraud, or manipulation this shall be considered as a breach of the Terms. In

            such cases, and in addition to other remedies available to us, we reserve the right to void all promotions you

            participated in, void and confiscate all the winnings derived therefrom, and prevent your participation in future






8.1        When placing a bet, it is your responsibility to check that all details of the bet are correct.


8.2        Once you place a bet, you won’t be able to cancel it. We reserve the right to deny any bet or cancel any bet already

           placed, at our sole and absolute discretion.


8.3        You accept and agree that the result of the games on the Website is defined by a Random Number Generator and you

           accept the results of all such games. You agree that in the event of a discrepancy between the result of a game that

           appears on your screen and the game server utilized by the Website, the result on the game server shall prevail. You

           agree that our records will be the sole and sufficient evidence in determining the terms and circumstances of your

           participation in the relevant online gambling activity and the results of such participation.


8.4        We are not liable for any losses or damages which could be potentially caused by gambling.


8.5        In case of disagreement regarding a bet or winnings, the decision of the Company is final and not negotiable




9.1        The Website may only be used for personal entertainment purposes. The following activities are strictly

           prohibited and will be considered a material breach of these General Terms and Conditions:

 i) using the Website for commercial purposes or in someone else’s name or interest;

engaging in any fraudulent activities, including, without limitation, using any credit/debit cards or other payment methods or

funds not belonging to you, cases where funds are recalled/disputed;

 ii) using any form of cheating or other means of gaining an unfair advantage or influence, including, without limitation, making

use of a software error, loophole, or bug, using software or hardware to automate, distort, or influence the outcome of bets;

colluding with other customers or third parties. This includes, without limitation, playing in the interest of others, sharing

information, cooperating or coordinating with others;

 iii) using unfair betting patterns or strategies, such as equal, zero, or low margin bets, bets with minimal risks, hedge betting, or

otherwise placing bets in such a way that in our opinion the system is being abused, a guaranteed win is achieved, or the risk

is minimized;

 iv) engaging in money laundering, terrorism financing, or any other criminal activity;

threatening, harassing, or abusing other customers or members of our staff;

 v) attempting to attack, gain unauthorized access to, or hinder the operation of, the Website, the servers on which the Website is

stored, or any server, computer, or database connected to the Website, attempting to circumvent our security systems;

 vi) attempting to copy, reverse engineer, decompile, modify, derive source code or other information from the software

connected to, or used by, the Website, as well as attempting to remove or obscure any proprietary notices placed on such

software, or use it for any other purpose than personal entertainment;


vii) attempting to sell or transfer your account to other persons or to acquire accounts of other persons.


9.2       You agree not to bring harm to the Website or its reputation.


9.3      We reserve the right from time to time to conduct a gameplay review/review of the customer`s betting activity to verify

          compliance with the Terms. If, upon such a review, it appears that the customer is participating in strategies, taking

          advantage of any software or system bug or failure, or participating in any form of activity that we, in our sole and complete discretion, deem to

          be abusive, we reserve the right to revoke the entitlement of such customer to any

          promotions awarded, to void any winnings obtained from the promotion, to prevent entitlement to other promotions or

          to close the customer account.


9.4      Should we arrive at a reasonable suspicion that you have engaged in fraud, any illegal or improper activity, or have

          otherwise breached the Terms, we reserve the right to take any number of the following actions, at our sole and

          absolute discretion, with or without notice:

 i) Immediately block your account and suspend your access to the Website and/or its services, and suspend all pending

withdrawal requests and other payments to you for the period of investigation;

 ii) permanently close your account with the Website and all other partner websites on our platform and deny any future use of

the Website and the partner websites;


iii) void any winnings obtained, cancel any pending withdrawals, and refund the last deposit made into the account;

 iv) void any winnings obtained, cancel any pending withdrawals, and confiscate the real money balance of your account;

 v) void any bonus balance on your account and/or limit your future participation in our bonus and promotional offers or deny

them to you;

 vi) contact the relevant authorities to inform them of any suspected illegal activity and/or to collect any payments that you owe

to the Company.


9.5      The Company retains the right to notify the responsible government bodies as well as other online casino operators,

         online service providers and banks, payment and credit card processors, electronic payment providers, as well as

         financial institutions in case of suspected fraudulent, illegal, or otherwise suspicious activity. For your part, you

         agree to provide full cooperation to investigations of such activities.




10.1     You accept and agree that the Company does not hold any responsibility or control over how you use the software.

         You agree that using the Company’s services is exclusively your decision and you agree that you are aware of and

         accept all possible risks.


10.2     The Company does not accept liability for any agreements, illegal actions, negligence, harm or loss of any size,

         including, but not limited to the loss of data, income, and reputation, as well as any losses that are not foreseen by the

         Company at this moment.


10.3     Neither the Company, nor the software provider, nor any of our affiliates or connected parties will take any liability for

         any losses, expenses, or harm that are supposed or are actual consequences of:

 i) any error that you made by entering the wrong information;

ii) any kind of fraud, false or misleading activity;

iii) the Company’s decision not to accept your deposit, refuse to open your account, or decision to suspend or close your


iv) any delay in receiving or accepting a deposit or holding your withdrawal to complete the identity and other checking


v) using your account for purposes that may be considered illegal according to the applicable legislation;

vi) any operations and transactions that are conducted after the correct input of your username and password;

vii) any unsanctioned use of data connected to you or your account;

viii) inability to use the Website or absence of access to it for any reason;

ix) any action or transaction that is performed by a third party using your username and password;

x) low quality of access (or lack of access) to the Website;

xi) any circumstance out of the Company’s direct control, including problems connected to the equipment and software

(including computer viruses and software), data transferring systems, telephone or other communication methods, or by

your internet service provider;

xii) loss of any transactions that arise from incorrect functioning of connection used by you or any other organization that

transfers data between you, the Company, or any other company that is regulating payments;

xiii) any electronic communication that was not received;

xiv) the result of any action on behalf of the government or force majeure circumstances;

xv) participating in gaming/betting if such participation is illegal according to the applicable legislation of the country the

customer resides in;

xvi) any errors, omissions, typos, or bugs in the Website or the software used therein;

xvii) any direct or indirect result of your breach of the Terms.




11.1    The Company retains the right to make any changes to the Terms at its discretion, at any time.


11.2    Any changes become effective from the date indicated in the Terms. It is your responsibility to check for updates to

        the Terms each time you use the Website.


11.3    When you continue using the Website after any changes are made, you agree with these changes, no matter whether

        or not you received a factual notification of the changes or have familiarized yourself with them. If you disagree with

        any of the changes, you must cease further use of the Website.




You agree to contact us electronically. From time to time, we will place electronic messages on the Website, and/or

contact you via your details. You must provide us with the correct contact information, otherwise the Company cannot be held

responsible for you not receiving information on time. All correspondence, including electronic communication, is

considered as “written” and to have been received no more than 5 (five) business days after it has been sent. The

The company has the right, but not the obligation, to conduct communication in writing. If you have any questions

regarding your use of the Website or the Terms, please contact us on live chat.




13.1    You may contact our customer service by live chat.


13.2    Complaints are handled in the customer service and could be handled to other departments of the Company in cases

when the customer service cannot solve the case immediately. The customer shall be reasonably informed about the

state of his/her complaint.


13.3    A “dispute” is defined as any complaint which:

        relates to the outcome of the customer’s gambling transaction;

        is not resolved at the first stage of the Company’s complaints procedure.


13.4 The Customer Support Team will provide an initial response to your query through the live chat. Should a

        the complaint arises from the initial response, as defined above, the Customer Support Team will advise you to send your

        detailed complaint in written form to your agent.


13.5 By the applicable data legislation, and to sufficiently identify the customer submitting the

        complaint as the legitimate account holder, you shall include:


Account username;

Full name as registered on the account.

PROVIDE subject to contain COMPLAINT reason;

A detailed summary/explanation of the complaint;

Specific dates and times associated with the complaint.


13.6    Upon receipt of the required information to process the dispute, the Complaints Resolution Committee will revise your

        case and provide you with an answer regarding the presented issue.


13.7    We will inform you of the outcome of your complaint within Ten (10) days of receiving the complaint. If

        the complaint is unusually complex and provided that the nature of the investigation is such that more time is

        necessary to complete it, such a period may be extended further.


13.8    If you are unsatisfied with the resolution of your complaint by the Complaints Resolution Committee please feel free

        to explore further external dispute resolution options here.


13.9    You acknowledge and agree that you are contracting exclusively with the Company for the provision of all services

        available on the Website. You agree not to bring any claim or dispute to or against any third party involved in the

        operation of the Website, including, without limitation, suppliers of software, games, odds, payment providers,

        payment processors, and payment agents.




14.1   Any legal claim or dispute arising under or in connection with the Terms or your use of the Website shall be settled by the Laws of Curacao.


14.2   The parties agree that any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of or in connection with the Terms, or the breach,

       termination, or invalidity thereof, shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Curacao. We cannot

       accept responsibility under the laws of any other jurisdiction. You explicitly agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the

       courts of Curacao as set out in this section.




15.1   All the players playing under various categories of games should abide by the following rule terms:


  1. i) Any user playing live casino, slots, or virtual casino games that allow betting in multiple ways should not bet on multiple options of more than a streak of 5 bets. Example:- If the player is playing super baccarat and chooses multiple card groups in a single bet, he is only allowed to bet 5x on multiple card groups (win or loss). If the player bet 6x streak continuously on multiple groups of bets, we have the right to forfeit the amount and take back the winnings, and deposit amount.
  2. ii) Double-sided betting, cross-betting, and abusing the decimal odds are strictly prohibited.
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